Do You Get What You Pay for Cheap Digital Photo Printing

Cheap Digital Photo Printing

Digital photo processors that do the printing cheap abound. They are everywhere you look. But to find an affordable location that can give you the quality that you expect is another story. Some places offer prints for as low as 12 cents for a 4X6 print. Others can charge as much as 58 cents per print.

What do you get for 12 cents per print?

Many customers of the chains that offer prints this cheap have a complaint similar to this one; "Some companies try to "alter" the images to get the "highest" quality photos. This person had done a test and submitted the same photos to various processing services. What they received were totally different results. Their complaint was that the photo shops try to make them look good instead of trusting their customers abilities. As simple as it sounds, leaving the picture alone can be a difficult quality to find in a photo printer online. To try to find out on your own is quite a lot to ask of paying customers. Other than altering your photos after you upload them common complaints are that the quality is not what they expected. As a photography lover let me tell you there are a lot of companies that will give you very high quality prints that will amaze you no matter what your expectations are.

What can you get if you find the right photo printing company?

There are printers that do not charge very much more and the quality is outstanding. With these more capable companies they offer very good sign-up bonuses such as 60 free 4X6 prints to start, and free membership. They can also offer various albums to organize your pictures online. All the while offering file uploads as high as 10MB. Other great services are bulk order prices. With bulk order pricing the more you order the cheaper they get. That way having a family reunion will not break the bank. As you look for a great company to print all your favorite photos remember that there are photo printers that can disappoint and there are printers that can dazzle.

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  1. kualitas printer jg menentukan hasil cetakan photo

  2. sudah ndak berurusan dengan prints lagi, karena sudah lulus sekolah..

  3. I never count how much I spend to print photos. I think it doesn't matter if the printing looks good.

  4. harga emang nggak pernah bohong ,,,
    hehehe ...

  5. assalamualaikum pak ustadz..
    lama g mampir...
    wah sudah mulai ada bahasa inggrisnnya ya pak ust...

  6. saya pakai kertas foto biasa, printer standar.. hailnya juga biasa aja mas budi

  7. Hihihi gw mah biasa nge-print di kantor Ayahnya Zahia *emak2 pengiritan* :-)

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