Dramatic Advertising That Sells

Think about the last car purchase you made... Did you watch closely for advertisements that explained all of the features before you bought the car? Probably not. In fact, studies show that most of us notice the ads AFTER we have purchased our new car.

Let's face it... consumers are emotionally driven. They make purchases for the feeling they get, and then look for the logical benefits to justify the purchase. That's why we notice all of those ads after the fact!

Wise marketers make good use of this insightful knowledge. Good advertisements get the benefits in front of the customers so vividly that they experience the benefits before they even buy the product. Once they see themselve enjoying it, they've just "gotta have it!"

1 Make It Picture Perfect
Forget about your product or service for a minute and focus on the consumer. What will he enjoy when he has dug out his money and taken home your product? Put yourself in his shoes, and then describe the experience in vividly dramatic detail.

What does it feel like to be a stay-at-home mom and still be able to make money? Describe the freedom, the confidence, the things she'll be able to afford. Tell the story in bright words that compel the reader to enter and experience it for themselves.

You've caught them... hook line and sinker once they've experienced those feelings. Chances are they've dreamed about them, and now the know they can fulfill the dream through your product or service.

2. Throw In The Logic They'll Need to Justify Themselves Later.
You've probably met up with the "after the sale jitters." You make the purchase, enjoy it for a day or two and then it hits home... you've got a payment to make and start wondering if you've made the right choice.

Sure, your customers will second guess themselves after they make the purchase too... that's why you need to supply the logic for the sale upfront - even though you know they buy for emotional satisfaction.

Let them know that it's a special, reduced price... if they buy it now. That'll make them feel better about not waiting.

Tell them about other customers who are "glad they did" to make them feel like they aren't alone. Others thought it was the thing to do too so it must have been.

Hey, the customer who enjoys the product, and can feel good about the purchase is one satisfied customer who'll do business with you again. Take care to set your advertising campaign up for success.

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