How to be More Consistent with your Guitar Practice

more consistent with guitar practice

Let's look at how to start to be more consistent with your guitar practice...

***Step One***

Decide on something that you would like to master. Make it something short like a lick, scale or perhaps a few bars of a song.

***Step Two***

Decide on a speed goal for the thing that you have chosen. This will be your target tempo. Make it challenging. Something that will make you a significantly better player once you have achieved it. Of course, you need to keep in mind your current playing level. If you are a beginner and you set a speed goal of sixteenth notes at 240bpm, you are definitely setting yourself up for a failure!

***Step Three***

Decide on how much time you'll invest practicing the thing that you have chosen. It would recommended setting a goal of 10-15 minutes a day. A small amount done daily will give you better results than hours done irregularly.

***Step Four***

Make a commitment to practice what you have chosen on a daily basis. The key is to practice it every single day until your speed goal has been reached. No excuses,no crying, no moaning, no exceptions.

***Step Five***

Get to work! This is the step that requires discipline. It could take weeks or months to achieve your speed goal! Just keep in mind that anyone can write down a goal, but unfortunately VERY few people will follow it though to completion. That's probably why there are so many more guitar OWNERS than guitar PLAYERS ;-)

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  1. wah ternyata seorang gitaris hehehe :D

  2. @Tian >>> Newbie atau master sama aja, yang penting maen dengan hati sob.

    @Nurrahman >>> sekedar buat hiburan dikala senggang.... aja koq.

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