Ten Ways How To Avoid Migraines

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Ten Ways How To Avoid Migraines. The problem with migraine prevention is that there is no single cause for the headache. There are many triggers of migraine, in fact, and will try to avoid them all would be carried out in hermitry. Who wants to spend the rest of their lives in a cave just to avoid the headache? Nevertheless, there are some things that are done to avoid a migraine can be, but in the top ten.

1) Cut the caffeine. Among the variety of products in connection with migraines is caffeine. Under too much can lead to headache of monstrous proportions. Unfortunately, there are just too much caffeine, caffeine withdrawal headache when you're used to drink a lot. The best way to reduce gradually.

2) While we're talking about caffeine, we will also talk about NutraSweet. Aspartame is responsible for the many people who complained of migraine. Go in search of reasons why aspartame and migraines you something that seems to cover the largest held since Roswell. Almost everything you read, did not check, but then again there are manufacturers NutraSweet proven that their product does not contribute to migraines. Avoid it, and you can avoid a terrible headache.

3) There are more reasons to quit smoking than you can count, but avoiding migraines is yet another reason to the list. Of course, this is easier said than done when you are a smoker, but remember that passive smoking is probably a migraine, as the main reason for smoking. So, if you can, take it from the environment in which people smoke. And even better, they get to retirement. You have the right not to smoke around her, especially if the smoke is causing your headache.

4) create a pattern of regular sleep and wakefulness. In fact, anal, preserving as much as possible about it. Pattern of regular walk around the same time to sleep and wake up at the same time, weekdays and weekends, can work wonders. Many people who have a rigid schedule of sleeping and waking have discovered that their migraines disappear completely and forever. Or at least, as they follow the same pattern.

5) Enter the pill and try another form of contraception. Birth control pills and their effects on hormones can create a significant risk when it comes to migraines. Do not necessarily go on the pill at all. Some people believe that a simple change marks the end of their migraine pain. If this does not help, but you can look at other forms of female contraception or, if you and your partner does not care about the switch to condoms.

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6) Change the lighting. Bright light can often be very severe migraines. We recommend using a soft, misty kind of light bulbs. Or use lamps instead of overhead lighting. Or, stop lamps, if possible. If you spend too much time on the computer monitor, take frequent breaks, and so far from the hubbub of the waves on the screen as possible.

7) Cheese, chocolate and wine may sound like the ingredients for the perfect romantic picnic, but if you're prone to migraines, the last thing you feel like a romantic break in the afternoon after. Cheese is particularly dangerous because they contain the amino acid tyramine. Chocolate contains phenylethamine. Both chemicals contribute to migraines and alcohol cause, too. Keep you can find three other ways to get in a romantic atmosphere.

8) It is used for washing the body odor and, instead of perfume or cologne. Scents and aromas are major causes of migraine and smell of good among the worst. Stay clean and not damage property with the smell.

9) How do aerobics program. Regular exercise helps you increase your cardiovascular capacity and reduced blood flow to the recurring migraine is associated with.

10) To go or by train, if you instead of flying. Reducing the pressure in the cabin on fire and migraine trigger is easy to avoid travel alternative modes of transportation can be done.

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  1. assalamu'alaikum Mbak,
    wah saya angkat tangan deh kalo entrynya bahasa inggris.
    Ini tentang migrain ya Mbak.
    Nyoba ke GT nerjemahin

  2. kalo urusan berhenti merokok , pakde angkat tangan deh, pakde sih merokok tapi bukan perokok berat karena satu bungkus rokok habis sampai 5 hari

  3. Aku suka migrain, tapi aku enggak ngerokok, enggak ngopi, enggak suka keju dan jarang makan coklat... Tapi emang suka tidur dengan lampu terang benderang..hiks...

    Ntar mau ganti pake lampu yang temaramlah...
    Thanks, Bro and Sist...

  4. mantap gan
    bahasa England sangat disukai gan
    Kalau untuk kafein lah ini dia aku suka minum kopi gan

  5. aku ga merokok,tapi ga migrain hehehe gak ada yg tanya ya.
    tapi suka banget sama coklat

  6. Caffein termasuk mbak?
    Aduh pantesan aja saya suka agak pusing kalau abis minum kopi >.<

  7. mudah2an saya tidak termasuk! hee tanks udah dateng sob!

  8. Having migraines is painful. It'll also costs a lot of money when you go to Neurologist.

  9. Selamat malam sobat
    berkunjung mencari info yang bermanfaat

  10. Saya adalah ag paling sering mugrain & sakit kepala,,,, hehehehe terima kasih untuk ucapan & doanya mbak.......:)

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